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What Our Clients Are Saying ...

“My husband and I were both divorced; therefore, our credit wasn’t the best. As newlyweds, we wanted our own home. TL Global helped us. We are happy to say this: We’re are the proud owners of a home we can call our own."

Cindy (Home Buyer)

I worked hard all the time, but I had no credit. It was hard trying to get a house. TL Global made it easy. They do everything! They thought of everything. This is a nice organization; they’re friendly, warm, and genuine."

Keith (Home Buyer)

“I had cosigned loans to help relatives buy a car, and they defaulted. I couldn’t qualify, but TL Global helped me. I never even had to meet with the investor who owner financed the home to me. I was able to move in and start my home business immediately.”

Mary (Home Buyer)

I had been trying to buy a home for years, but was turned down due to student loans and some bad credit. Then I approached TL Global. They did a great job. I am in my new home. 

Gwen (Home Buyer)

“I am a licensed Realtor. I recently approached TL Global to help one of my clients who couldn’t buy a home. TL Global was able to help. The client was so happy! Thank you Til for your help.“

Germania C (Licensed KW Realtor)
“After 3 years of being unable to qualify for a home loan, my realtor referred her to Til Lowery, who helped my to finally buy my “miracle home”. I am so thankful.”

Angela (Home buyer)
“I didn’t want to live in an apartment forever, but being self-employed, my income was sometimes up, sometimes down, and sometimes, I even lost money! My credit was very good, but banks always wanted to see two years of tax returns and stable income. I couldn’t show that. TL Global helped my buy a home with owner financing. I was able to refinance with a bank after about a year. “

Carol (Home Buyer)

“My family and I relocated from California. We were turned down for a mortgage due to self-employed. We used TL Global to get owner financing on a brand new home.”

Araceli (Home Buyer)

"We have a big family with six kids, so it was very important for us to have a home. We are very grateful to TL Global for making this a possibility for us after we were denied a loan everywhere."

Dinorah G (Home Buyer)

“They're so accommodating and very professional. I am pleased with their service. They made it easier for me by providing options and suggestions. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a new home.“

Eliamae A (Home Buyer)

“Nothing beats TL Global in providing quality and outstanding service for those who are looking for their dream home. If you are aiming to purchase a house soon with no hassles and credit checks to think about then choose TL Global! They got you!”

Camille M (Home Buyer)

"TL Global has the most amazing buyers program! Their team members are top notch! FIrst class service from start to finish and beyond!

S. Rios (Home Buyer)     

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