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Incredible Owner Finance Deals

  • Low Down Payment
  • Quick Move-in (7 days or less!)
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • No Balloon Payments
  • Fixed Monthly Payments over 30 Years
  • All Credit Accepted

Third-Party Owner Financing

We can help you learn how to buy any home listed for sale in Hoston or anywhere in Texas with unique third-party owner financing. Buy your dream home even if you don’t qualify for a conventional mortgage.


What is Third-Party Owner Financing?

Third-party owner financing is for you if you can afford a home, but don't qualify for a conventional mortgage due to bad credit, lack of credit history, or any other reason. With this unique program, you can buy any home listed for sale on the market anywhere in Texas. Once you find your dream home, a pre-approved, vetted investor buys it and owner-finances it to you, with the deed in your name. A TL Global owner financing specialist guides you throughout the process.

All Credit Accepted

Foreign Nationals Welcome

Stated Income Accepted

Self Employed, TIN OK

No Time on Job Requirement

No Prepayment Penalty or Balloon Payments


Buying Your Dream Home Has Never Been Easier

We have discovered a limited inventory of properties offering reduced down payment requirements with fast move-in available (7 days or less!). Check out these hot deals and text or call us to learn more. Take the next step toward becoming a homeowner.

TL Global is dedicated to helping families, just like yours break free from renting and start building true wealth for generations to come.

  • Low Down Payment

  • Quick Move-in (7 days or less)

  • Available on First-come, First-serve Basis


What Our Customers Say _

“I had been trying to buy a home for years but was turned down due to student loans and some bad credit. Then I approached TL Global. They did a great job. I am in my new home.”

Gwen (Homebuyer)

"I am a licensed Realtor. I recently approached TL Global to help one of my clients who couldn’t buy a home. TL Global was able to help. The client was so happy! Thank you Til for your help."

Germania Crook (Licensed KW Realtor)

“After 3 years of being unable to qualify for a home loan, my realtor referred her to Til Lowery, who helped my to finally buy my “miracle home”. I am so thankful..”

Angela (Homebuyer)

Hot Owner Finance Deals That Won't Last Long! Low Down Payment and 7-Day Move-In

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