Are you in a situation where you’ve saved for a home but still can’t purchase one because your mortgage application has been denied by a conventional lender? If this is the case, third-party owner financing might be the solution for you. Regardless of your credit or situation, you can buy your dream home. In this […]
When you are unable to secure a mortgage from a traditional bank, owner financing can be a viable financing option. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as self-employment, foreign nationality, lack of verifiable income, or a non-existing or poor credit score. In this guide, we will explain what owner financing is […]
In this blog post, we'll explore a unique third-party owner financing program that lets you purchase any home you desire using owner financing.
If you're interested in purchasing a home through owner financing, this blog post will guide you through the steps involved.
In this blog post, we'll discuss about a unique type of owner financing that shares more similarities with bank loans—third-party owner financing.
Discover the new option for tenants: fee in lieu of a security deposit. Explore how this alternative raises renting costs and learn about its implications for tenants. Stay informed before making important renting decisions.


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